About the Washington Park Conservancy

The Washington Park Conservancy, an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1985 to preserve, protect and promote historic Washington Park in Albany, New York. The Conservancy works with the City of Albany to help guide the​periodic restoration and maintenance of the Park, and has undertaken a variety of projects over the last thirty years.

As a living work of art, Washington Park needs thoughtful stewardship in the context of its history and the needs of today’s city.

We invite you to become a member of the Conservancy and join our efforts to restore, preserve, and maintain Washington Park for leisure, recreation, and the appreciation of nature for all of Albany’s residents and visitors, today and for generations to come.

The purposes of the Washington Park Conservancy as outlined in its Bylaws (updated January 2015) include the following:

  • To preserve and enhance city-owned Washington Park in Albany, N.Y.;
  • To plan for the popular and safe use of the Park;
  • To improve the patron experience in the Park;
  • To encourage understanding of the roles history and ecological balance play in the well-being of the Park, its neighborhoods and the City of Albany;
  • To foster recognition of the Park as an example of Olmstedian landscape design;
  • To preserve, restore or recreate historic structures and plantings in the Park;
  • To produce and disseminate… brochures, booklets, maps and related informational and promotional material;
  • To initiate or assist in the development of projects, plans, research and other activities for the betterment of the Park in cooperation with public agencies, civic and community organizations and other appropriate entities;
  • To conduct public and organizational events in the Park or elsewhere for the purpose of raising operating funds, promoting the mission of the Conservancy, and fostering community goodwill.