The Washington Park Conservancy is inviting nominations and suggestions for individuals who would bring their skills, expertise and personal interest in Washington Park to our thriving, active and committed board of directors.

The Conservancy’s core mission is to preserve, protect and promote Albany’s historic Washington Park, working in partnership with the City of Albany to help guide the ​periodic restoration and maintenance of the Park. Our activities focus on three main areas:  care and maintenance of the Park’s landscape, horticulture and infrastructure; preservation of the Park’s architecture, monuments and history; and engagement with the community to advocate for amenities and best practices to create positive experiences for the Park’s users and stakeholders, in balance with the unique needs of a setting that is both municipal urban space and historic landscape.

As an all-volunteer organization, the Conservancy relies on its board to execute day-to-day operations (if we don’t do it, it won’t get done!) as well as carry out its governance and fiduciary responsibilities. Our board members and advisory committee are comprised of a diverse group of individuals who bring a wide range of talents and expertise to the Conservancy board.

We are particularly interested in board candidates who have experience in these areas: advocacy and community engagement, horticulture, urban planning and public policy, historic preservation, landscape architecture, finance and accounting.  We have lots of projects for individuals with skills in communications, grant writing, social media, volunteer management, gardening, project management, program planning, fundraising, and special events.

We are planning now for new board members who will begin service in 2020, the Conservancy’s 35th anniversary year.

If you – or someone you know – would like to learn more, please contact Christine Miles, Nominating Committee chair (email: [email protected] )