Arbor Day is Friday April 24

We had great plans to organize a big tree planting day in Washington Park in honor of Arbor Day this year. But alas! like so many other projects, that idea had to be shelved in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

BUT….all is not lost!  In fact, we are excited to announce that this year the Washington Park Conservancy is making a historic investment in purchasing and planting trees in the park.  Although we don’t have a planting date or details yet, our Horticulture and Landscape Committee has worked with Clover-Leaf Nurseries to develop a list of 30 trees that will be added to the Park this year.

Board member Tom Pfeiffer explains the 2020 tree plan in more detail: “This season’s additions will enhance the park borders with especial attention to the Willett St sector, the oldest part of the park, “explains WPC board member Tom Pfeiffer, co-chair of the Horticulture and Landscape Committee and former Albany City Forester. “A number of flowering trees are selected to brighten this border landscape with several Crabapples and Redbud, a few formal trees will fill openings along the path. State Street and South Lake Avenue borders will be planted to replace lost trees due to storms. The perimeter road on the north side of the lake will get attention as well with trees such as Tulip tree, Sweetgum and Oak.”

The Conservancy will work with the City Department of General Services later this year to complete this project.  The 2020 tree planting has been funded in part by a grant from the Bender Family Foundation.