The all-volunteer board of the Conservancy had hoped to hold our annual meeting tonight, but like so many groups in Albany and across the nation, we made the decision to cancel the event due to the spread of COVID-19.  We remain eager to share with you exciting developments in the park and what the Conservancy has planned for our 35th anniversary.  While our calendar for programming is now murky, we are forging ahead with projects – tree plantings, the lighting of the Moses, and the planning of a new, destination playground worthy of the centerpiece of the Albany park system.

Next year, the Conservancy and city will be observing the 150th anniversary of Washington Park.  Like bridges and buildings, the park is a feat of engineering, planned and executed by city leaders for the purpose of providing ALL citizens with a public health option.  Whether that is taking a walk or run, reading under a tree, or just communing with nature, Washington Park and its sister parks are a gift to you and future generations.

The Conservancy asks that all visitors of the Albany park system do so thoughtfully and to be mindful of the important role parks play in this recovery process and for the city’s future.  We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to the Department of General Services workforce, who do so much to advance public health in the city.

Two weeks ago, on a very chilly night, our board member, Michaela Sweeney, the good folks at Schenectady Hardware & Electric, and the Conservancy’s lighting consultant were working diligently to test out the long-awaited relighting of Moses.  We offer you this snapshot of the project as a reminder of the brighter days ahead.  There will be a time, hopefully very soon, when we can all come together as a community and be greeted by the open arms of Washington Park.