Rules for Washington Park (1875)

Rules for Washington Park
Copied from the Common Council Records
Monday, July 12, 1875

The committee on by-laws and ordinances submitted the following ordinances for the government of the Park:

The Board of Commissioners of the Washington Park, of the City of Albany, at a meeting duly convened, held on July 12, 1875, do hereby ordain and establish the following ordinances for the government of the Park, and direct that the same be immediately published in the official papers of the City of Albany for ten consecutive days.

1. All persons are forbidden to enter or leave the Park except by gateways.

2. To discharged firearms, throw stones or other missiles, or play at ball or marbles within its limit

3. To trample on the grass, handle or appropriate the trees, shrubs, flowers and plants, or injure or deface any of the buildings, fences or other constructions around the Park.

4. To use indecent or profane language, or do any indecent or obscene act whatever, or post any bill, notice or advertisement upon any tree or structure in the Park.

5. To drive over paths devoted to foot passengers, or to travel or drive on any carriage roads of the Park at a rate faster than six miles per hour.

6. To stand upon the carriage roads, single or in a group, to the obstruction of the way, or for any animal or vehicle to do so.

7. To ride without a saddle or bridle; to walk, drive or ride with a led horse.

8. To pass through the Park with bundles of sticks, boards, ladders, wheelbarrows, or any other unsightly objects.

9. To molest or frighten the animals, water fowl or fish.

10. To lounge on the settees or in the buildings to the exclusion of ladies and children.

11. No omnibus or express wagon, with or without passengers: nor any cart, dray, truck or vehicle carrying goods, merchandise, manure or other articles, or solely used for the carriage of goods, merchandise, manure or other articles, shall be allowed to enter the Park roads.

12. No cattle, horses, goats or swine, or poultry of any description, shall be allowed within the Park grounds: nor any dog, unless led by a chain or cord not exceeding six feet in length; nor shall any persons expose anything for sale therein, unless by special permission from the Commissioners.

13. The Park will be open to the public daily, except when special occasions may require it to be closed, and will continue open from sunrise to eleven o’clock in the evening in the months of May, June, August and September, and from sunrise to nine o’clock in the evening during the other months of the year.

John H. Van Antwerp                George Dawson
Dudley Olcott                            Robert L. Johnson
Samuel H. Ransom                    Daniel Manning
John Bridgford                          Rufus W. Peckham
James D. Wasson