Lincoln Park

The following was copied from the book Tercentenary of Albany

In 1886, Lincoln Park was unimproved territory, wild and rugged in every aspect. It was a broad ravine several hundred feet deep on its northern border. Through the length of this gully coursed Beaver Creek, its bed of slate rock. The gulch near Delaware Avenue formed a rather attractive scene, which was called Buttermilk Falls. Historical narrative has it that two settlers were killed there by savages.

It was known as Delaware Square in 1886; later as Delaware Park, then Beaver Park, and now is known as Lincoln Park.

The land area was increased by a series of appropriations. An important accession was the purchase of the old homestead and farm or garden of Professor James Hall, who was long the State Geologist and upon whom a number of foreign governments bestowed high honors.

Lincoln Park is also home to the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial.